What is Run Planner?

Run Planner is a web application that will create custom workout plans for you. If you haven't been running long or aren't sure how to start, Run Planner will help you get on track. It will create a plan based on your current ability level and goals for running. You can use it just to get back in shape, or if you want to train for a race, you can do that too. As you use Run Planner, it will adapt to your progress.

How does Run Planner work?

Run Planner uses your input on a variety of factors to get a sense of what your ability level is. Then, based on whether you're running for enjoyment or planning on running races, it gives you a fully customized workout plan for your first two weeks of running. After you've completed the first two weeks, you come back to Run Planner, tell it what you did during those two weeks and how you felt, and it will create the next two weeks of your plan. The reason you only get two weeks at a time is that Run Planner adapts to your progress. If you're going through the recommended workouts and you feel great, Run Planner will increase the difficulty of your workout plan. If you're not feeling so hot during your workouts, Run Planner will slow it down and give you more time to adjust.

Did you know?

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